Scarf Update

I have successfully completed my first scarf for the Scarves for Special Olympics Project. It came out pretty well, considering I hadn’t done any knitting for well over 30 years. Here’s the finished scarf:


It’s approximately 6” x 60” with only the two visible stripes done in red. The pattern called for more, but changing colors was more hassle than I wanted to deal with while on the road.

I don’t have a new picture of the #2 scarf. It was shown in my previous post. It is now a little more than three-quarters finished. It will be half red and half blue. I may post a photo when it’s finished – or I might not. Unfortunately it rolls up like a tube and I won’t be able to block it until I get home in September. I think it will look good when done.

I’ve started on #3. I found a pattern on Ravelry that I really liked, so I’ve started that. Here’s a picture of this new scarf – so far.


It’s about six inches wide. It is done on #8 needles, so it’s going slower than the other two done on #10 and #9 needles respectively. There’s only one row to learn (and repeat) in this pattern. I’ve already messed it up a couple times, so I’ve found that I really need to keep my head on while doing it. Nothing wrong with that – just an observation. :-) I’m also thinking that I may add tassels to this scarf. It might jazz it up a bit.

I’ve got a couple other patterns picked out, but probably won’t start any additional scarves till I finish #2. I’m also toying with making another like #1, but red with blue stripes instead. It was easy, mindless and went fast. That may be a good thing for my next one.

Happy crafting!


Unknown said...

I love the texture on scarf #3, Donna. It's going to be wonderful when done. Tassels would be cool on this one, too! Great thinking! Keep up the fun updates. :)

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