A Few More Chemo Caps

I haven’t blogged my knitting in quit a while, but I have been knitting a lot. I seem to always have at least two and sometimes three projects on the needles at any given time. Perhaps I get bored easily? Yes, that, and sometimes I have a complex project going and need something a little more “brainless” to work on.

I’ve completed a number of items since my last post. Here are the photos in order of completion.


This pattern was written for straight needles as well as circular. I actually completed it on straight originally. But when I tried to sew up the seam – ARGH! – it looked awful. So I ripped out the whole thing and re-did it on circulars after I got them. It was worth the wait as this turned out SO much better. I used Red Heart Soft Yarn in Really Red on size 8 circular needles.


This is called Ribbons of Hope Hat. It’s my first attempt at cables since I’ve started knitting again. I think a few expletives escaped my mouth as I was doing the first ones, but I caught on and it turned out just fine. I used Caron Simply Soft Light in Pansy on size 6 circular needles.


This one is called The Inside Out Knit Chemo Cap. I LOVE this one and will do more like it. It is very stretchy when done and would fit just about anyone. It’s super light weight, too. I used Caron Simply Soft Light in Hawaiian Sky on size 8 & 10 circular needles.


This is the Eyelet Rolled Brim Hat. As I was working on this one, I learned that my niece was diagnosed with breast cancer, so I thought of her quite a lot while working on it. She has had a mastectomy and reconstructive surgery and is doing well – they feel they got all the cancer out. It is not yet determined if she’ll need chemo – I hope not. Our knitting group went to a yarn shop where I found this great yarn. It’s Plymouth Yarn Dreambaby DK in Salmon (135). I used size 6 circular needles and the ladies small instructions.


My next hat is the Button-Tab Knit Hat. For me, the fun part with this hat is the finishing. I learned some new things in doing it. Plus, those buttons were sent to me about a year ago by my SIL, who is a cancer survivor herself. It just added to the whole project. I used size 7 circular needles and Red Heart Soft Yarn in Seafoam.


I bought this yarn with something completely different in mind. When I realized it wasn’t going to work for that project, I decided to use it on this pattern which I’ve wanted to do for a while. It’s called Art Deco. This is the most complex pattern I’ve done to date. Every row was different (it seemed) and I had to learn how to M1. Once I got the hang of it, making a stitch is actually pretty simple. I used Caron Simply Soft in Vanilla on size 8 circular needles.


This is the last of my completed caps/hats. It’s called Hurricane Hat and was a lot of fun to make – very simple, too. It came out fairly small. I don’t know if that was my knitting to tightly or what. It fit me (barely) and I have a pretty small head. If I make it again, I’ll use larger needles and/or add on a repetition of the pattern. For this one, I used Red Heart Soft Yarn in Navy on size 7 circular needles.

I have another cap on the needles, along with two scarves I’m working on. All of it will have to wait a while, though. I’ve apparently over done it and have “knitters elbow”. OUCH! I’m hoping a few days of no knitting and some ibuprophen will get me back on track. I miss it!

Until next time: Happy crafting!

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