My Latest "Craze"

So here's my latest "craze". My sister was selling stuff on eBay and I saw this book she was getting rid of called "Embroidery on Paper". I thought that could be fun for my cards so bid and won the auction and have been having a great time with the process ever since. I love doing it, too. Here's my very first project, a Thank You card for some friends.

I couldn't stop there, so I made this birthday card for another friend. Both patterns were from this new book.

This was a little more complicated than I really enjoyed doing. But it's a learning process and I learned I don't like doing this much detail.

I was poking around on eBay (as I do frequently) and found a card that I fell in love with. So I went looking everywhere for a pattern - but couldn't find one! So I copied the photo of her card and printed it. I used tracing paper to get the hole placement correct. I transferred the pattern to my own paper and started stitching. I must say I'm kinda proud of it.

While searching the internet for more patterns, I came across a template for what you see below. The problem is that it's only sold in Australia and the UK. I could not find a shop that would ship to the US. So I printed out all the templates and sat down with dot paper in various DPIs until I figured out how to make this one happen. I already had the square flower punch, so just needed to get all the size ratios set up.

Anyway, I've just been stitching away and having a great time learning the process. So I thank my sister for needing to get rid of a craft book. And I thank my teachers for helping me learn how to figure out stuff like this! I must have paid attention in the right math classes at least!
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