Crafting again!

My earlier withdrawals have been satisfied! I just finished my fifth scrapbook page since leaving home. It feels good to finish a page or two after so long a time off.

If you read my previous post, you know that I planned and sketched out a number of pages before leaving home. In fact, I wound up with 31! I was amazed at how many I did get organized. And once those are all finished, my European Vacation album will also be completed.

We seem to have free time here in North Carolina (see my travel blog for details). We're busy, but there are days that feel best just hanging around at home. So that's when I try to work in a little paper crafting. And that's been working out just fine.

I'll be making a couple cards in the near future and I just might post those pictures here. I guess that partly depends on how they turn out.

A Different Kind of Craft

From time to time, I drag out my sewing machine and make something that isn't paper based. It's true that this doesn't happen with any great frequency, but when the need arises, I'll answer the call.

During our RV travels this summer, we will be stopping in Texas to see our grandkids. Chrislon is six (his birthday is today) and Sha'Micah is about 20 months at this posting. Anyway, grandparents can never come to visit without bringing something for the little ones, right? So I have made this teddy bear for Sha'Micah. (I had made one for her big brother when he was a toddler, too.) We'll have to pick up something for Chrislon while we're traveling.

I did all the sewing and stuffing, but I had a good friend paint the face onto the bear. She is quite a bit more artistic than I am and, besides, she has the paints and I don't.

We won't be in Texas till October, so this little bear will see a lot of the USA before she gets to meet her new owner. If only she could talk, right??
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