Progress Update

I have done more knitting in the past week than I ever expected. As I sit down to write this, I have 26 inches of my first scarf done. I’m quickly approaching the halfway mark in my 60-inch project. It’s looking good, I must say.

This first scarf (for the Special Olympics) is a very simple pattern. It’s knit 2, purl 2 to the end of the row. Then it’s purl 2, knit 2 for the next row. Repeat until desired length has been reached. It’s an easy pattern, which is exactly what I needed to get started. However… it has become BORING!

So I decided to start a second scarf, just to break up the boredom and make me reach a little more. The pattern I’ve chosen for my second scarf is also not difficult. I’ve added a “yarn over” and a “knit two together” to the knit and purl routine. This puts “holes” in the piece.

Here’s a picture I took a day or so ago.


I now have almost 8 inches finished. I plan to make this scarf half red and half navy. That way both of the colors will be in the scarf with minimal color changes. (I’m not a fan of color changes. LOL) I do like having the two projects going so that I can change up what I’m doing. So I guess there will be at least two scarves done for the Special Olympics folks. And I really am enjoying it.

Happy crafting to you!


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