Another Scarf Completed

As I mentioned in previous posts, I got a little tired of the same red and blue yarn required by the Special Olympics Scarf Project. I did ten in all and shipped them off last week.

So I found another group who needs hand-knit scarves. It’s called Christmas at Sea run by The Seamen’s Church Institute. They collect items all year long for distribution to mariners at Christmastime.

I’ve completed my first scarf for this project.


This is the Seafarer’s Scarf pattern supplied by the organization. Mine looks a little different from theirs, but it does meet the dimension requirements. I used Loops & Threads Impeccable Big Yarn in Earth and size 6 US needles.

I’ve started a second scarf in the same yarn. The first scarf did not use nearly all of what I bought. This next scarf is a fairly simple 6x6 basket weave pattern (Mariner’s Scarf) also supplied at the Christmas At Sea web site.

Happy crafting!


Karen said...

I like this design! You're just going to town on all these scarves. SO proud of you.

Karen Aicken said...

OMGoodness, I have never seen a scarf like this and I SO want to make some for my family for next year. Thanks for the inspiration!!
In fact, I really enjoyed looking at all your projects.
Thanks for stopping by my blog today
Cheers, Karen

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