Two More Scarves Completed

Today, I finished two more scarves for the Special Olympics Scarf Project

Here’s the first of the two. It’s actually the 8th scarf I’ve completed.


I did the scarf in half red and half blue. I used the Tweedy Eyelet Scarf pattern I found on Ravelry. It’s four rows of knit stitch and then one row with yarn-overs to create the “eyelet” pattern. I took me quite a while to figure out how to tell where I was without ticking off my rows on a piece of paper. Once I did figure that out, however, the knitting started to go much faster. I really enjoyed doing this one.

This is the other newly completed scarf, my ninth for the Project.


It’s a standard basket weave pattern which I’d wanted to do for a while. I added a selvedge stitch on each side. It’s done in in four alternating sections of color (red & blue), mostly just to do something a little different.  Then I added the tassels on each end.

I have my tenth scarf on the needles right now, size 10 1/2 to be precise. So it’s going to go pretty fast. I’ll be back here to show it off once it’s all finished.

Thanks for stopping by. Happy crafting!


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