One thing...

Have you ever noticed how one thing can lead to another? Here's my quick story about that.

I've been making greeting cards for some time, now. I've been selling some to friends and relatives and one or two online. I sold a respectable number at our community craft fair in the Fall, and even more at our recent Spring fair.

Once or twice along the way someone would comment about not wanting to send the card but wanting to frame it instead. That's what one lady said to me at the recent fair. She actually bought one of my cards with a specific frame in mind. Unfortunately, that card turned out to be a poor color choice for the frame she had in mind. So she brought me back the card along with the frame and asked me to make something to put into it. She also brought a second frame for the same purpose.

Here are the original card and what I made instead to put into her first frame.

The second frame was a bit more of a challenge, only because I had the "perfect" shade of blue paper to put into it, but not a large enough piece to use. After much searching, I finally found a (rather large) piece of heavy card-stock in the painting isle at Jo-Ann Fabrics. It wasn't an exact match to the original, but it was the closest thing I could find anywhere.

I had already mapped out my pattern so the working of the piece went fairly quickly. Here is the final result for her second frame.

Having been asked to actually create something specifically for a picture frame has gotten me to thinking. Why not do it ahead of time and sell frame and artwork at the next craft fair? Why not, indeed! So now I'll be on the lookout for interesting and inexpensive picture frames that might lend themselves to my style of artwork.

Look out world! Making cards has just let me to a whole new artistic outlet!


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