Leave It To My Sister

My dear sister bought a card from me and overpaid what I had asked for. I felt like she deserved a little extra when I shipped her the card. I had been wanting to try the "Beyond Birthdays" cartridge on my Cricut for some time. I've used the words and never made the actual card that the Cricut can do. So I did one and it turned out well. It was smaller than I like, but good for a little "freebie". It said "Thank You" on it and it served a double purpose: a gift for her and a heartfelt sentiment from me. (Unfortunately, I did not take a picture of it, so I can't show it here.)

So what happens? She gets the little card and falls in love with it! She asks me to make her 10 more! WHAT??!!??!!

I started looking through my stash for some suitable double-sided card stock to fill her order. I came across some nice sheets I'd bought ages ago and have only used sparingly. I made one card, just to see if the paper would work well. It did. I sent her a photo and she LOVED it. I picked 10 of the sheets and started making the little cards.

It's funny how things evolve and grow, sometimes. After seeing how really cute the cards turned out, I decided I'd find every color of this paper pack and make a card from each one. Turns out, there were 20 different colors. Worst case, she could pick the 10 she liked and I'd use the others for more thank you gifts in future orders. I wrote her to let her know what I was doing. She was delighted and said she'd take all 20 of them! WOW!

I finished them all a little while ago. I decided I needed photos, because it turned out to be a lot of work in spite of the Cricut doing all the cutting. Besides, I try to take a picture of every card I make.

So here is the finished set of 20 cards. They are not quite 3" x 4" in size.

Just wait till I send her the bill!!!


Karen said...

Holy HELL, Donna!!! I can't wait to get 'em!!! I adore this card and when people see them, they are going to feel the same. You absolutely HAVE to put these in your craft show! The colors are super and I know where the first 10 are going after today's software meeting. People just NEED a special thank you and where better to come from than from a joint effort - YOU AND ME! I might have to watch for double sided papers now - you know I'm at Joann's like every other day. :D

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