Scrapbooking with a Vengence

I've been scrapbooking like there was no tomorrow. Since the page shown in the last post, I've done twelve more pages. Some are pretty rudimentary and will not be shared here, but there are a few that I worked extra hard on and am very proud of.

This first pair is done on pre-cut templates that I bought at a craft show well over a year ago. I actually took the first 2 pics while the coach was still on the sales lot but after we bought it. Everything else was taken over the first few months we were traveling in it.

I had to figure out picture sizes and reprint just about every single one so they'd fit in their allotted spaces. That was part of the fun, though. So here's our motor home!

This next pair is of our grandkids in February of 2006. Sha'Micah was about three and a half months old. She was such a little sweetie. We SO enjoyed her.

I found the design for her page in a craft book I recently added to my collection. It was a lot of cutting and hoping and when it all fit together, I was VERY happy.

I couldn't do a page of Sha'Micah without doing a page of Chrislon, too. He's not quite five in these photos and WAY full of energy.

I had so many pictures and wanted to get as many on a page as I could. So I was very happy when I remembered the alphabet templates I have. I had to use my (mediocre) math skills to figure out how big to cut the colored squares. That hurt my brain! But the rest of it fell into place pretty well. At least I'm very happy with it. And that's what counts most I guess.

Ok, no big tips on how to do what. I'm just showing off here, both my grandkids and my scrapbooking ideas.


Bob said...

You clearly spent tons of time on those great-looking pages. What're you, retired or something?

Karen said...

Retired? She's the busiest retired person I know! Well, other than Sister Sister. :) These are some of the FUNNEST pages so far, Donna. Your work is astounding anyway, but these are just plain fun.

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